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A Sewing Family

Three generations passionate about fashion, sewing and design. Dona Marlete was born sewing, or almost. She taught her craft to her four daughters, but only Lucia followed in her footsteps. Lucia, in turn, inspired her first daughter, Lanay, to create dresses for her dolls. From the child plays to the real world, the idea of eternalizing the dream of many girls, the Princess Wedding, came up. And for us all brides are princesses! More than just a simple photo, video, or memory, feel the magic of you Big Day in your own hands!

Our story

A Global
Bridal Brand

Mini Noivas was born of the concept that bridal could be way cooler. When the company was founded in 2014, there was a creative swell of bloggers, photographers, planners, florists, and fashion designers doing things differently. A change was happening in weddings, and brides were looking for something more authentic and real for their wedding day. So we opened a boutique in a small town near São Paulo/Brazil. We inaugurated a new trend among brides: we turned them into an exclusive handmade Barbie doll.

The doll’s dresses are handcrafted, not massproduced. Every detail is carefully thought through, from hairstyle to accessories, making sure the Minis are a perfect replica of their owners. This unique style sets the new standard for what bridal shopping could and should be! 

In 2019, looking for the next step, we moved to Sweden, ready to conquer not only the Scandinavian hearts but the whole world!

We can’t wait to meet you & to make your dress last forever.
Tell us your story & let’s be happily ever after.

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Mini Bridal
Industry Transparency

Designer &

In the world of fashion, there are two differing business modes: running a brand and running a personal label. The running of a brand usually belongs to a profit-motivated registered company, while a personal label is much smaller in scale and is driven by fashion rather than profit.

Supply Chain

In today’s market, there are two main types of fashion modes: haute couture and ready-to-wear. Haute couture refers to a designer’s exclusive creation of custom-fit clothing. It is high-end fashion, with each product constructed by hand from start to finish.

Creation &

We believe brides should be able to present their unique and resplendent beauty forever. Hand in hand, we will walk you through your own personalized ordering service, supported by our wealth of experience in tailoring, fitting and dressing, making sure your Mini will be an exact replica of your own.


As a witnesses to love, we believe that behind every confident sweet smile is a resolute love and deep commitment. We know you deserve the magnificent joy of love and we believe everyone deserves love, the most valuable happiness in the world.

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