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A Global Bridal Brand

We think bridal should last more than just a few hours. We want to keep that great moment in a box, so it can last forever. Our dresses are unusual: they are really, really small – a mini version of your original dress. Despite the size, they are made to stand out in the bridal world and to make your guests salute you for being you.

Pink October

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How to Eternalize your Big Day

Choose your dress

The first step is choosing your dream gown with you favorite boutique/stylist.

Pick-up your doll

Your Mini will have the same body characteristics than you: same hair style, skin tones, everything.

Follow step-by-step

Just like your real dress, your Mini’s dress also has several trials. Just one difference: no pins to prick you!

Bibbidi, bobbidi, boo!

As if by magic, we turned you into a doll. We ship worldwide faster than you can dream.

Happily Ever After

Your Mini has arrived. Feel in your own hands all the joy of your Big Day.

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